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Having a plan always helps and here is how...


Kitchen and Bathrooms are the two most expensive rooms to renovate, but if done correctly they can add the most value to your home.


There is NO such thing as a free quote. The average cabinet making company wins 1 out of 3 quotes with the average quote taking 6 hours including site visit and designing. 3×6=18. That is 18 extra hours put into every job where the client does not have a set of plans.


Plans help all trade’s during the renovation to get the job right and they help you as the client to manage your project and know exactly what to expect.



By getting the design right from the start it will save you money in not making changes once the project is underway and it will help you get the most out of your investment.


By already having a set of plans this means you can just email to a range of cabinet makers and find one that meets your budget before you make appointments. It saves the cabinet making company time which means you save money.


By having plans drawn up means the job will run much more smoothly and all the trades know what the desired outcome is.





We do what we do because we love designing Kitchens and Bathrooms. We know that for some people they will only do this once and that is why will we do our best to make sure you as the client are 100% happy with your design. 
We want to help save Cabinet makers time by taking the design stage and working with the client to get the design right before they approach Cabinet making companies.This means that clients will be able to get prices from cabinet makers without having to get them to their home.
Design, all the way. We love to see what was just an idea come to life and we love seeing our finished designs once the rooms have been renovated.
You should expect the best designs with up-to-date designs and products so your kitchen or bathroom stays in date longer and you can expect nothing but the best customer service.
I would like to say what a fantastic job 3D Plans Online did at designing our dream kitchen and helping us find the right company to manufacture. Thanks again.
— Steve and Elaine Jones —
I have renovated a number of times and I would have to say what a great decision it was to hire 3D Plans Online, you guys have designed us a wonderful Kitchen and Bathroom and made the renovation process much easier.
— Caitlin Craft —
My husband and I would like to say that we would highly recommend 3D plans. 10 out of 10 for service and we love the final design.
— Jordan and Nicole Taylor —
Wow is the best word I can think of to describe 3D Plans Online. Thanks for your hard work putting up with me during the designing of our kitchen, I would highly recommend this company and service.
— Amanda Jameson —


Love your investment/ Renovation and save money with being prepared and having a PLAN.


Our designers are here to provide you with some of the world best designs that will meet your budget.



Get beautiful 3d plans so you can visualise your kitchen before you invest thousands of dollars on a kitchen that you may not LOVE.



Plan view of your kitchen with measurements so Cabinet makers can quote your job without having to come to your home. This saves the cabinet maker time which saves you time and allows you to tap into the builders prices.



Our awesome designers are here to make sure you don’t get caught out in the rain. Keeping you up-to-date with the latest trends so your investment stays in date longer.



Don’t have your investment blow up in your face and blow out of budget. Let us help you find the right tradesman and company for the job.



Choose from not one but two designs and then decide which one you want us to work on.



Dinner package only. You will get a costing and budget report based on your budget to help keep you from spending thousands of extra dollars and getting into financial troubles from your renovation.



3-5 days from when you purchase to when you will receive your plans.



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